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Singapore, 1st October 2013

Today was one of those “supplier” days, with several coming in with their latest, yes you guessed it, LED products. Where are the good old times when manufacturers would come in with the latest incandescent lamp upgrade…I can tell you this it was certainly not as “franatic” and frequent as these days where we get sometimes multiple visits weekly. We keep our doors open to it as it is crucial for us to keep wired to the latest developments and as always catalogue sheets can be deceptive. One of the visiting manufacturers coined his catalogue as a “look book”, which really it was…nice mood images of his product, but once you saw the actual product it was not exactly the same…  🙂

What is really what we are looking for from new products and more specific from LEDs nowadays? Yes we do wish to have that old incandescent feeling but besides that what I specifically look for is compactness and beam control. I don’t like the light source to be the first thing what one sees when entering a space. I want them first to see the space, appreciate the space and then only wonder where the light comes from. Hence we look at minimising the physical appearance and the extent of beam control. To me that is crucial. Controlling the light is not only beam control in terms of spread and intensity but also in the way it projects on any surface specifically and mostly on vertical services. Too often we see uncontrolled light hit a wall with random patterns, intensities and colours even, destroying the visual appreciation of the space, at times killing the impact that lighting should have in enhancing the space. As often said controlling and manipulating light is key to good lighting design. We have the skills, the manufacturers provide us with the tools to do it…  🙂

Light Watch 4-167: Light can exist as a single beam in an otherwise unlit space. It can also exist in multiples interacting with space, surfaces, materials and finishes…it is crucial that light harmonises with it, which too often is not the case…inexperience or incompetence? Judge for yourself and see the difference between good and bad…


01. October 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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