The world after 9-11

Singapore, 11th September 2013

The world has never been the same after the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York. While it happened a long time ago now, the repercussions can be felt daily certainly in our line of work. Just last week we attended a project coordination meeting where the newly appointed risk/security consultant introduced his approach to safety and security. While we are now all familiar with bomb checking arrival areas, X-ray machines and the like, his concept for a nuclear protection zone was a novelty for us…Really? Do we now need to design for the eventuality of a nuclear bomb? What kind of world are we living in? Critical equipment areas such as power supply stations are now highlighted as “high risk” zones and all kind of preventive precautions (basically building a practically inaccessible building) with layers of security levels for access…

With the Snowdon affair in regards to the US government spying on each and every internet communication (who knows they may be reading this! …Hello, good day Mr Obama!) the world is becoming a scary place to live in and we as designers are confronted with it every day! Personally I am not going to change my lifestyle and become paranoia about whether someone listens in on my phone calls or skype communications. I reckon if they really want they can, so why get stressed about it…I want to enjoy my life and not be stressed about whether someone is hacking my system or spying on my activities. My security level is more centred on failing equipment (info back up) rather than security breaches. My laptop has a basic firewall and protection system and that will have to do it. In my house in Australia I have a sensor driven light at the front and the back which flips on when the neighbour’s cat rummages through the garden, but other than that just your standard door locks. There is an alarm system that came with the house but we don’t use it most of the time as it is too troublesome. Sometimes you forget and the whole neighbourhood wakes up from the alarm blaring from your roof! So not for me…

Light Watch 4-153: Big brother is watching you from everywhere!…Nowadays you may have more CCTV camera’s then lights on a pole! (Spot the security video chandelier further below 🙂 )



11. September 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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