The show goes on

Perth, 20th September 2013

I think we all like to think we are irreplaceable, that if you are not there things will collapse, but somehow the show always goes on with or without you. Maybe not as good and maybe different than planned but it always does. Human nature is built that way. There is always a way and come decision time whoever is present takes that next step to the best of their knowledge. For years and certainly in my early years when starting up, I always felt that my clients were my first priority regardless of my personal circumstances, everything had to yield so that I could respond and satisfy my clients even if the demands seemed totally unreasonable at would come at a substantial personal cost.

I think we all go through that motion, certainly in the early days of one’s career, where we feel that without you the world will implode, in my case the lighting world of my project. But you know what, somehow it doesn’t. The strange thing however is that when you tell your client that you are not available for a certain date when they want you present in either a meeting or on site, some make a big fuss and take it as if you do not have the best interest of the project at heart, that you will cause delays and so on. But if you tell them you are seriously ill or have been in an accident for argument’s sake, then suddenly they are all full of support and wish you well and a speedy recovery. I have experienced this time and again and more find it a form of disrespect if a client can not be considerate for someone’s situation. Of course I am relating to real issues where either private circumstances or other prevent you honestly from attending. Just yesterday I had a new client from Singapore asking us to be present in a meeting this evening (note the 24 hour notice and the fact that the contract has yet to be signed!). As I am in Australia and my colleague dealing with this project is away in Malaysia as well, we replied we would not be able to meet him until next week. His answer basically was that if we would not make ourselves available he would move on and look for another lighting designer… really? Good luck!

Light Watch 4-160: As we talk about the show must go on, Michael Jackson’s tribute tour by the Cirque du Soleil has just landed on the shores of Perth…Lighting is one of the biggest ingredients of the show (after the music of course…). I heard its worth it…


20. September 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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