Professionalism on cue

Perth, 23rd September 2013

Another lengthy meeting about design and budgets…but for a change it is refreshing to deal with professionals rather than with an individual developer. Contrary to many projects where we deal with individual owners or first time developers, this project team has institutional investors as the owners of this project and everything is tied up to the bottom line. If the design can increase the ROI (return on investment) than it’s a go. There is not really a limit on the spending perse, though of course we have always to be mindful of the budget in general. What I am saying is that whether the budget increases with a substantial amount or not, that is not the ball breaker; it’s the ROI. In other words money is not really the issue, it’s whether the money is well spent, short term or long term, which makes sense to me and which is a refreshing approach rather than nit-picking about each and every dollar because the overall budget is inadequate in the first place!

Because time is money for these people the meetings are planned “to the minute” and not surprisingly the owners appeared as on cue, presentations were made as per allocated time schedule and discussions were measured and to the point without wasting time on issues not relevant to solution to be found. This level of professionalism is on one had refreshing as everyone around the table is treated and respected as a professional but at the same time demanding as you cannot afford not to be on top of your things. It requires expert preparation to make sure you don’t waste each other’s time. When all the comes together these meetings are actually enjoyable and highly efficient with everyone delivering their professionalism on cue.

Light Watch 4-161: Last night saw Formula One’s only night race take place in Singapore again and though I was many thousands of miles away here in Perth I could not leave the event go past without watching. It remains one of the iconic races of the racing calendar with the illuminated track and city skyline in the background quite a spectacular sight…not surprisingly Sebastien Vettel showed his professionalism and great expertise around the track to lead the race from start to finish. On cue fireworks erupted as he crossed the finish line. Mark Webber, who’s engine caught fire in the last lap hitched a ride back on top of Alonso’s car…great stuff.











23. September 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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