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Perth, 26th September 2013

As countries become more developed the attention for art and artists becomes more important. It is not surprising that countries like Australia have so called percentage for art programs in which developers are required to factor in a percentage of the development cost for the inclusion of art. As you drive around Perth it is easy to see how art has become a way of life with art installations clearly present throughout the city. On traffic corners, in parks, in building courtyards and with art events and festivals organised throughout the year. I am involved in two projects in Perth that have a clear art input. One is an actual art installation commissioned from an artist by one of the city councils and another a community project in which the City council wishes to beautify a part of the city (with lighting) and wishes the resident artists to partake in the project.

I find the inspiration from artist motivating and while I am considered an artist by myself although of a more technical type, I still derive my own inspiration from (real?) artists that create without the burden of technology. At times I feel limited in my design creativity because of my technical knowledge with a little voice telling me that things are technically not possible or not sustainable or not economically responsible. In my perception real artists are free of this and create for the sake of creating letting their imagination run wild. While my clients appreciate and acknowledge the creativity in my work, I often feel restricted, letting sense prevail above dreams.

In this community project I intend to walk a middle way. My task will be to create the infra-structure in which artists (and hopefully me as well!) can use the lighting tools to create images and scenes that will be enjoyed by the general public. Hence I will have to develop a canvas on which aspiring lighting artists can play and display their creative prowess…a creative challenge and a small percentage for the art!  🙂

Light Watch 4-164: Many art installations that really catch the eye are with lighting and many of those are temporary, like the Olympic Games opening ceremonies, projections on buildings (Sydney Opera House), little are permanent if we do not consider buiding façade media walls as art works (though some designers claim they are….)

26. September 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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