Singapore, 12th September 2013

I think there is always some kind of a mystery when it comes to our clients. What makes them come to you, what makes them choose you? We sometimes have a good idea, certainly when it relates to repeat clients (they were obviously satisfied with your services in the past), but sometimes clients come out of nowhere, never heard of them before, you never contacted them before…just like that you receive a phone call or an email enquiring whether you do lighting design and whether you are interesting in the project. I always find that fascinating as somehow, they found out about you either through a “yellow pages” search (which today is more an internet search, or someone told them or even more remote, they heard about you via a friend or relation.

Just these last 2 weeks we received two totally unrelated calls with enquiries towards our services. They came direct from home owners, not from professional/ institutional investors or developers, no just ordinary John Doe’s. Even more interesting, we already received a cheque to get started within days of agreeing to do the work…no tedious corporate contracts, hoola-hoops of submission forms in triplet, company stamped, signed and witnessed, no, just a phone-call. We have yet to personally meet! The meeting is set for next week. It nice and comforting that there are still trusting clients around!

Same for the second project; as we were initially not really keen on this residential project as they can be very tedious and time consuming, we decided to offer our services on an hourly rate basis thinking they would not accept it, but lo and behold they accepted and with a 10 hour advance deposit we will be on our way there too. Same story…we have yet to meet!

Both clients are private (but obviously well to do) home owners who got to know us through referrals and internet website check. I always make it a point to find out how they got to us and what made them decide to select our company…no client is the same!

Light Watch 4-154: Lighting design can be about anything from your kitchen to your aquarium, from residential to corporate, from hospitality to urban environments, from cultural to public events…variety is the spice of life…and so are our clients!

12. September 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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