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Singapore 6th August 2013

This is of course a sensitive topic, but with Ramadan coming to an end tomorrow, it is very actual and made me wandering about with some thoughts about this. Personally I don’t have any issue with religion, everyone is free to think and believe what they want. In my family I was exposed to Christianity and Judaism, from respectively my dad and mom’s side. When I got married we did consult a church priest in regards to getting married in the church as this was (and I guess still is) common in addition to the official legal marriage. The church priest told us that if we would just do it to satisfy the family we should not do it. Not if we did not want it ourselves. We didn’t really see the need so we didn’t. It was a very personal thing and we wanted it to stay that way. It did not really impact on anyone other than our self.

In life (work) this should be very much the same. You believe what you want to believe, you live according to the way you believe you should and what works for you. But the big thing is that when it comes to work we generally work with other people. This requires that we trust and respect each other. In my small practice that is the same. We are like a family and within the team we have people with different cultural back grounds and religions. We respect and support each other. But what cannot be tolerated and accepted is if a culture and or religion takes over and starts to dictate what others can or cannot do. That is for each individual to decide. If you cannot accept your environment or respect its people than perhaps you are in a wrong environment. Tolerance is a big thing in this world and unfortunately we too often see a lack of it…

Light Watch 4-128: Lighting of religious places has something “holy”. Don’t we have an expression saying: “have you seen the light”?… 🙂

06. August 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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