The LED challenge

Singapore 5th August 2013

Started the week with a little cold and sore throat, probably climate and time differences after my stay in Europe catching up. You get that once in a while. Don’t forget with my frequent travelling I am continuously exposed to whatever bug flies along in the plane, train or automobile…not to forget public places like airports, restaurants and other venues…can’t complain too much as I am rarely really sick (fingers crossed).  🙂

I headed my blog today with the title the LED challenge (as opposed to LED cowboys perhaps), as we as lighting designers and specifiers face a continuous challenge to find our way in this increasingly murky lighting market now so dominated by LED manufacturers on one hand and the continuous hammering from (new) suppliers knocking on your door. Today we had another one…we get a couple a week at least. Seeing the wood for the forest is a challenge that even for experienced designers like myself is a great challenge. On top of that today’s technology is already overtaken by tomorrow’s new upgrades, improvements or innovations. I am nearly reaching a state where I am thinking that I may revert fully to performance specifications without even mentioning a brand. I know what I want to achieve with the lighting but at times I am just challenged in finding the right fitting specifications. Maybe I should just leave it out there and just see what the wise men manufacturers and suppliers come up with to satisfy me. Many of the light fittings that I like or feel attracted to use somewhere have a component or performance that I don’t like or comes up short to my desired requirements. So maybe I should turn the process around.

There are a few problems with this approach. First is that performance influences the dimensions and quantities of light fittings, which in turn influences my lighting layouts and architectural integration; in short the visual impact of my lighting in space. I am talking specifically about the physical impact here. Then there is the uncertainty of the outcome; is there such fitting that I am after? And most of all how do I budget for something I don’t really know how it will turn out…quite some challenges to consider indeed!

Light Watch 4-127: Talking about seeing the trees from the forest; here are some recent concept images (day-night time) of a resort we are working on…integrating lighting with nature. I don’t really share too much of our designs for confidentiality but sometimes it’s nice to share a bit  🙂

05. August 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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