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Singapore 2nd August 2013

In my second day back in the Singapore office after the 3 day outing to Malaysia, much of my time was spent on design matters. It is amazing how relatively little time we actually spent designing and being creative as a lot of our time is being used up by administrative matters, coordination issues, communication (I spent a least one hour on skype calls today!), planning and so on, though you can argue that planning and administration matters also require quite some creative thinking at times! Anyhow today was much in the sign of actual designing and even more what I call pro-active designing. Several of our projects are on a fast track course and advanced planning and a pro-active attitude generally helps forward the project faster in my experience. This compared to waiting (and insisting) until you receive the completed information from the respective lead consultants, whether architect, interior designer or landscape specialist for instance.

I know that some practices don’t want to move unless the documents issued to them to start their work on are final and/ or approved, which is generally driven by financial motives so that they don’t end up doing abortive work and have grounds to claim variation fees if there are changes. All fair and well but it creates a very calculative and selfish mood which not necessarily promotes good spirit and smooth teamwork. I am more team oriented so today we moved on preliminary designs (even though we know that the lead consultant is still working on finalising them) so we can start the dialogue with the team and start sharing our design concepts and ideas, without having to wait for all final drawings to come in.

I have found over the years that such proactive approach and communication is  much appreciated by team and client. Of course it needs to be something that make sense and of a consistency that warrants and allows for discussions and team feedback. In fact we find that this approach often reduces the chance of abortive work rather than increasing it. One of my key steps in any design process is too sit down with the key consultants in a one on one meeting and go through the design step by step. This has to be done with the creative lead designer and when it happens we generally manage to work out the main lighting concept as an integral part of the overall design concept with little abortive work in the future…

Light Watch 4-126: Some images for the weekend to tantalise the creative taste buds…


02. August 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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