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Singapore 7th August 2013

With a (very) long weekend ahead some thoughts about light and commerce. Public Holidays is when retail, events and food outlets try to get hold of the public spending dollars with special offers and promotions. I had lunch outside today and yes they had a special promotion going on. In the end nearly everything is about money, one way or another; in our daily dealings with our clients (I spent most of the day working on our project invoicing!), when you need to get office supplies, food, get from A to B, you name it…it’s all about the dollars and cents.

Last night I received an email in regards to a lighting event I am invited to attend later in the year, but reading through the email it became clear that again quality was going to lose out against the quantity, in this case the profit that the organisers whish to make at the expense of organising a high quality event that would beg for a repeat next year. Most of it is due to short term thinking; we make the money first and see later. That is a shame as building long term relationships with clients to me is of far more value than short term profit. What is the point of seeing a client once after having extorting him or her all possible money? A happy client will come back to you time and again. Yes you may make a little less money the first time around, but that (with good work and delivery) is than followed with many follow up work. One of my clients asked me today as we are about to sign of a new project contract whether the quantity of renderings we had listed we would produce was the grand total or the total per area. While it was intended as the grand total, I applied the customer builder attitude letting her know that we would make more at no extra costs if reasonably required I created a happy customer in return.

It’s all about sell, sell, sell but the good sales people think in long term commerce, the bad ones in short term profits…

Light Watch 4-129: Leo Messi is known as a humble person where his actions speak more than his words. The multi-times world soccer player of the year still succumbs to commerce lending his persona to advertise his own branded soccer boots. In this add (called the speed of light) he becomes invisible letting his feet do the action… this time with the help of no less than LED lighting…enjoyable and to me totally measured towards his image. No words, but quality action!  But still commerce…

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07. August 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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  1. Hello Martin, have not been here for a while but still interested (as you can read;)

    Its very sad that ‚everything‘ has to do with commerce and money. My perception over this is ambivalent. On the one hand, ideas, if they will be implemented, have to be, of course, be financed, on the other hand, the communication is probably even more important to find appreciation for ideas.

    Now thinking of all your interesting contributions within my dreams… Good Night and Thank You!


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