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Kuala Lumpur 30th July 2013

Not much time to rest! Already back on site in Kuala Lumpur to inspect a site mock after a long day of meetings…back in the groove! J After an early morning flight to KL we plunged straight into project meetings with presentations and discussions on design concepts, design directions, technology (read sophistication) and of course budgets. We presented landscape and interior lighting concepts. Tomorrow we continue with dedicated workshops…

We used the evening to drop in on another site we are working on to check out the results of value engineering applied to our design. While we had participated in the exercise and contributed with our recommendations, a visual mock-up was created on site to assess the viability of the value engineering. It was important for us to see in how far our recommendations were implemented (or not), hence the sire visit this evening was important to feedback our assessment to the client. On the way we got caught in a traffic jam caused by people rushing to break their fasting in this Ramandan month…

The area done up as a visual mock up was nothing glamorous, just a lift lobby, some corridors and toilets, part of what is later to become high end, high rise corporate office floors. My main bone of contention has been that the lighting systems which were carefully selected to achieved the desired results were brought back to (a) simple row(s) of down lights, thereby bringing the lighting ambience back to your average (cheap looking) office. The compromise being that these are not public areas, but private hence the savings would not be “seen” by the general public. Yet I feel like I am not honouring my design principles…should I or should I not stand my ground. My client has obvious budget limits and the client is King, isn’t it? Yet I need to advise my recommendations and findings and then let the client decide. If anywhere this would be the area where money could be saved…whether I like it or not!

Light Watch 4-123: Some images from tonight on site.




30. July 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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