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Perth 5th July 2013

What better way to end the week (before going on leave) with a little party and the celebration of the birthday of my youngest daughter Kyra (happy birthday Kyr!). She reached the respectable age of 20 today…a milestone, not only for her but also for us as parents! Gone are the teenage years! And with my parents 60th (!) wedding anniversary next week I can’t really escape looking back in time…I have blogged about the subject before recently, specifically about the differences between how we grew up and how today’s generation grows up. I was born before the TV had really made its entry in main stream public, cars were a luxury, flying was unheard off. Luxury goods like a washing machine for instance was something special if you had one! Communicating with your loved ones happened through the written word…I can still remember writing letters and then anxiously waiting for the postman in anticipation of a reply; the excitement of opening the letter once it had arrived to read it…

Now letters that arrive are basically utility bills, tax dues or traffic fines! The world wide web today connects us instantly and with programs like Skype you can see each other while you talk, regardless where in the world you are! Can you imagine waiting week(s) for an answer? As I was paging through old photo albums today in anticipation of my parents wedding anniversary, I realised that the albums stopped about 10 years ago…it’s all digital now!

The same in our lighting profession, we don’t keep paper drawings anymore…it’s all digital! In lighting generation Y grows up quite differently as well. While we were sweating it out with sketching, drawings and calculations by hand, today’s generation hits a button on a computer and it is all done for them…the danger in all this is that without manual practice the reliance on computers becomes very scary which you notice the moment something goes wrong. Today’s generation is at risk losing the reference against which to assess and evaluate the outcome of computers. My fear that in not too long, the computers will determine what is right or wrong and we as human beings have no longer the capacity to appreciate let alone understand it!

Light Watch 4-121: On this thought I will leave you for a little while and be back after my leave end of July! Time to recharge my batteries and enjoy a bit of family time! Let the next generation show what they are made off…Y not?

06. July 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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