Singapore 29th July 2013

Hello, all, back from having been away! I am experiencing what everybody experiences I think when returning from a nice and restful holiday; jetlag, remoteness to what’s going on, a lethargy to get back in action and drifting back to the holiday memories…Today was my full day back at work, after a nice time away in sunny Europe with my children (…well children, they are adults by now, but still… 🙂 ). Being away and knowing the office is being taken care of in your absence is an added bonus as you can enjoy your time without the stress of having to continuously check your emails or being on standby for urgent office operations. Thanks to my team for letting me have this peace of mind!

The result on return however is that you need a bit of time to get back in the groove! Having distanced myself in my absence, means I am lagging behind and have to put in some extra miles to catch up. As I am off to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow for some project meetings and presentations (clients don’t leave you much time to recover, do they!), I had to emerge myself most of the day in finalising and confirming the presentations that we are due to make tomorrow onwards, so not much time to catch up on other things. Guess I will have to do that on the fly as we move on…

One of the main things I carry back with me from my holidays in Europe, where I stayed a good part of the time in rural South of France, is how much we lose track of real life in the hectic environment we work in! I was “deprived” (thank god!) of Ipods, Ipads, computers, TV, street lights and shops in my immediate environment where the nearest shop was in a slightly bigger village about 4 km away. At night we use the moon (it was nearly full moon during my stay) or otherwise a torch to move around outside. Inside we have a few basic light bulbs…but in such environment you adjust to the daylight in the summer which pretty much lasts from 5 am to 10 pm at night! My morning walks were the most enjoyable as at that time the rising sun creates some fabulous sceneries. Then at night attending an outdoor concert for instance in one of the nearby small towns brings you back to basics. Why all the sophistication we sometimes feel we need to apply as lighting designers? The joy is just as big if not bigger with simplicity. Just some guirlande festoon lamps combined with some basic street lights at the local village centre plaza… that’s all…

Light Watch 4-122: In exclusivity, some of my holiday pictures, no comments needed…  🙂

29. July 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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