The transition to LED

Singapore 19th June 2013

It is undeniable that within the next 5 years conventional lighting will be obliterated into nothingness and if by today you have not yet made the transition to Led as a lighting manufacturer you are unlikely to still be in business by then. It is a bit like when Bill Gates said (I believe it was him) at the start of the internet revolution that if as a business you were not on the internet (with a website for instance) you would not be in business 5 years down the road. I think that came out as a pretty correct prediction. A similar one can be made for LED lighting technology…a safe bet 🙂

In a way new start-ups into LED manufacturing (and believe me they seem to come out of the woodwork and not necessarily out of the lighting industry!) have some sort of an advantage as they are not burdened by any past. Those with semiconductor knowledge associated with LED need to learn the lighting application ropes, but can basically start from scratch with a clean slate. It is not surprising that some of the now leading LED companies were not even known before in any form in the conventional lighting world. It is the conventional lighting companies that have the greatest challenges it appears as they are dealing with massive prior investments in moulds and components for their conventional systems. It is not surprising therefore that their first step towards a transition into LED land would be with retro fit LED lamps. However many now realise that the real transition will only be successful in the long run with full system LED technology.

This basically means that all prior investments have to be made all over again and probably more on top; moreover, all previous knowledge may not be applicable anymore! So for the traditional manufacturers this transition can be very tough…we all know how difficult it is to get rid of old habits! So in this transition to the new age of LED it is very likely that some (possibly a lot) of the conventional lighting manufacturers may not be able to make it…

Light Watch 4-109: I leave you to ponder on this with one very illustrative image, open for many interpretations 🙂
(sorry, no offence intended…)



19. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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