Singapore 13th June 2013

You can pick out clients and consultants who are streetwise. You can see it from a mile (assuming you are streetwise too J), just the way they deal with issues, with challenges. In my more than 30 years in the business I like to believe that I have become rather street smart and know my way around. Being streetwise also means that you know how the game is played and you know the challenges and hurdles that may be ahead on the path of first negotiating a project contract and then successfully negotiating the “elements” along the way to a successful completion of the project.

Over the last few weeks we have signed on a couple of new projects (I think we are lucky in this part of the world despite the state of the world economy!) and each of them I found to have very street smart and with that very professional clients. Our (new) clients seem experienced and knowing of the game with quick turnarounds for contract negotiations and most of all signing of the contract and settling the appointment fees. If you are a professional it is great to work with professionals….It makes it easier to deal with issues along the way. A quick assessment of a situation can be made and with the combines experience a satisfying solution found.

But I found not all project team members to be street smart. There are always obstacles and unforeseen situations along the road, but most of the time they are created by incompetence or plainly obvious greed (suppliers/ contractors) and self-serving interests (managers). I have had to deal with a few of these the last few days; contractors taking short cuts by purchasing their own interpretation of our specifications, a procurement manager making a deal with a lighting supplier of what we regard as insufficiently performing fittings and a QS who put together a budget that is not in line with the needs of the project. Just to name a few…but with some smart and streetwise actions you can get this back in shape, but it takes some understanding to get there as you have to make sure everybody comes out a winner! Another day at work….

Light Watch 4-105: Following on from yesterday here are some more office lighting impressions from around the world…

13. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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