Soft or Grand opening

Jakarta- Bali 26st June 2013

In countries like Indonesia ( and many others around the region) local culture and work attitude can be a great challenge when you plan ahead in projects. Why do something today if you can do it tomorrow…why replace something if I can “fix” it…why use expensive light fixtures if I can have something less than half the price that “looks” the same…I can go on, but you get the picture. The “Manana” culture being omni-present in Asia is a challenge to its own people. I have just completed a 3rd hotel mock up room review in 2 months’ time and we are still not there simply because it takes a bulldozer to move people to get into action, despite the project manager being at the top of his game. He has a very delicate position that requires a balancing act between diplomacy, a harsh and resolute stance and owner sensitivities with the client on one side and the professional consultants’ expertise on the other…

You can imagine therefore what a challenge it is to plan ahead as normal accepted practice does not really seem to work. So for the owners and operators who need to plan ahead for staff and operations, let alone marketing and promotion, this can be a major head-ache, hence you often see the famed “soft” opening before you get the major “grand” opening. This particular project has been plagued with delays of various degrees and in the process the original date of opening in 2012 came and went. We are 2013 and the earliest we will be able to open this hotel will be sometimes in 2014. However in order to start capitalising financially from the years of development last weekend saw the “soft” opening of a part of the shopping mall. Touted as grand opening, but half finished, questionable workmanship but, hey, who cares…there is a new mall in town…!

Light Watch 4-114: One of the features of the newly opened mall is a media stairway, where the LED is cut in horizontal bands and integrated in the vertical face of the steps…we developed a similar concept for another project two years ago, it is nice to see it implemented!


26. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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