Modularity and corporate identity

Singapore 21st June 2013

One of the things that you look out for from time to time as a designer, depending the nature of the project, is modularity. In other words designing in modular elements or components that you can design for once and then apply or reproduce as needed and that allow you to use these modules as a building blocks throughout the entire concept. Modular design from a lighting point of view touches several aspects. In general terms modularity can be a sort of standardisation, where we minimise the type of lighting systems and lamps used to simplify maintenance (and spare stocks) as well as simplifying architectural installation. There is an obvious economy of scale. This has always been one of the drivers of our design approach. I remember well that when we designed the KLCC Twin Towers in KL we managed to keep the lighting systems and lamps within 50 different types only, which was quite an achievement for a project of that magnitude!

But there is another sort of modularity, one that comes with corporate identity. A design that typifies a company and makes it recognisable wherever you go. Lighting can definitely play a role in creating that corporate identity and therefore designing around modularity would be the key. This would only work however if all elements of the corporate development are controlled (and paid for) by the same entity. This is crucial as developing a modular approach if you do not control all aspects of the development and implementation ( and later the operation!) makes it a tough call.

So I am talking about branding through lighting, developing typical lighting systems as well as lighting controls that can be applied and reproduced in each new development. While the lighting systems are not necessarily that obvious the resulting lighting effects should be! As lighting designers we deal in moods and ambiences, in visual environments that suit the tasks at hands or represent the corporate brand image. In that respect even the lighting designer has a role to play in developing the brand image or corporate identity. This can be in retail or hospitality for instance. It is nice to know that there are developers out there that appreciate the role that lighting can (and should!) play in achieving that. Don’t forget that 80% of the information we receive is visual!

Light Watch 4-111: As I was looking for some QR Code images yesterday I discovered several lighting installations based on the QR Code square (block), so since I talk about modules, this kind of fits…here are some. Have a great weekend! 🙂

21. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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