Manipulating light

Hainan 6th June 2013

Our key task as a lighting designer is to manipulate (artificial) light into lighting effects that either create the mood or the visual performance required or conceptualised for the application. While we have computer rendering programs to visualise our intent, we also take our cues from existing projects (not necessarily ours) or inspiration from daylight effects that occur in and around the site specifically. As our project here is an extension of an existing resort development, there is plenty of daylight inspiration to appreciate. Today specifically was a very sunny (and hot!) day with lots of light and shadow.

Lighting design is not only about what to light but also about what NOT to light; bright and dark, light and shadow, accentuated and diffused lighting. In daytime lighting we are confronted with sharp and harsh contrasts when the sun shines to very soft and diffuse light when the sky is overcast. We accept that as being natural during the day, we can accept a balance manipulation of artificial light in similar ways at night. Lighting design is not simply putting a light bulb in a room to say it crudely, it is about how you package the lamps output and direct it to do what you want. This happens through optical systems, positioning, distance, aiming and manipulating the amount of light, in some occasions also the colour… Amongst all that, the key is understanding the spatial environment, the proportions, the materials, the finishes…light react and interacts with all these in a different way…and don’t forget the psychological effects of the manipulation on the human appreciation!

Light Watch 4-100: Here are some site pictures which will one day on completion show how today’s raw structure will be converted to spaces were day light and manipulated artificial light will create the mood and ambience to remember (hopefully!). To me it is the process from nothing to something that will contribute to a new memory bank of experience. I manipulate lighting for a job…these pictures from site provide inspiration…


06. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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