Haunted places

Singapore 4th June 2013

Today I received an RFP for a place that has quite some history. It is a hotel that has been closed, deserted and empty for quite a while now. Confidentiality does not allow me to disclose the name but it has been in the news a few years back, notably as the place of suicide of a famous rock star. The hotel also used to accommodate prime ministers and heads of states. So quite some history between the walls there! The famous suicide was in the news for days, weeks but I never realised it was this hotel. I am also not aware of the reasons for the abandonment and why the place has been empty and unused for such long time. While finances most probably have played a role in its demise at the time it may also have a “haunted house” stigma on it…who knows…but the building is lovely with a very strong historic and architecturally feature-rich façade. A new owner/ developer has taken the property on and has started its redevelopment. It will be under another name and operator; that much I know.

I think it would be my first time doing a redevelopment of a place that has a haunted past. I am not superstitious but there is something to it I guess…time will tell! You never know what sort of project will come your way! I have seen a lot over the years, from a sultan’s palace to now potentially a haunted house 🙂 But it is the spice of our profession, the unexpected, the outrageous, the challenging, the extreme, the weirdest projects…variation is the spice of life and we are blessed that we get to work on these different challenges. We learn every time and the fresh knowledge is stored in our experience bank to be re-applied at later times to keep fresh looks and approaches to our designs…

Light Watch 4-98: When you Google haunted hotels you will be surprised what you find…besides your typical haunted house look, most haunted effects seem to take place in corridors… 🙂


04. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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