Guilin 7-8th June 2013

One of those places in the world you really want to visit! I am on a short stopover to meet my client for a new project here and as it happens the project is in Yangshuo, the heart of the Guilin mountains, the backdrop and inspirations for most Chinese paintings that show those amazing mountain shapes with often low overhanging clouds or mist…It definitely is on my bucket list! My flight from Haiko was not surprisingly delayed, but still manage to arrive before night fall to enjoy the scenery. Our project is located along the river just outside Yangshuo. At night the surrounding mountains and river form the back ground for a sound and light show that can be viewed along the river banks in Yangshuo. On our site we don’t hear the sound but certainly see the light with one bank of floodlights located just next to our site plot. I counted more than 50 mega floodlights (search light types), which I can only assume are about 5KW or more. Looking back to Yangshuo I can see another 5 of these floodlight banks. Must be quite a spectacle as the scenery stretches a few kilometres around. The show has been created by one of China’s revered movie directors. While I do not have time to go see the show this trip around I certainly hope to do that on one of my future visits…the spoils of our job!

The project is an old sugar factory that has been restored and will be converted into a destination hotel.I would think its location and backdrop is a sure recipe for success. I am excited about the project and its opportunities for lighting. I came at night as I wanted to understand the night time conditions, get a feel for the place and most of all see how this light show that is happening right over the site will impact. Pictures I had seen had worried me but once on site I actually thought it brought some additional excitement. It created some extra sights that I certainly would not have been given the budget to do! Nice; I can’t wait to get my teeth into this project!

Light Watch 4-101: I snapped some images with my mobile last night, here are some impressions…

08. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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