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Singapore 10th June 2013

We are quite used to clients requests to fast track projects…they always want things yesterday. Unfortunately many do not understand the design process and how one consultants work impacts on the others. As we are generally not the lead consultant, we are somewhere lower down the pecking order, so we can only get started the lead consultants have progressed with their designs. We can put in our lights if there is no building or interior to integrate the lighting in. Yet time schedules have moved beyond the design stages in a few of our projects with the contractors already slogging it away in site. They work on deadlines and penalties if they don’t deliver on time, so they chase and cry foul (of course looking for excuses to get more time). We on the contrary have just been appointed (far too late obviously) to do the lighting design so we are sort of running behind the facts as they say. It seems a recurrent issue in my blogs lately…:)

So we need to find a fine balance between satisfying clients and contractor on one hand and making sure we don’t short cut the design works by compromising the quality of our design work. A very delicate balancing act indeed…As I blog about my daily experiences as a lighting designer, this is definitely one of them today! The thing is; we don’t have not just one client, we have many to satisfy, some of them are recurrent clients, so we have to uphold our reputation with quality deliveries. It takes time to build up a reputation, but it can be destroyed in no time, so you can understand the importance of taking your clients seriously and not dismissing their demands as ridiculous. In all this respect and communication is key. We need to acknowledge the client’s needs, at the same time we have to carefully balance our manpower and resources and (re)assign or add staff to deal with the demands within reason. In our business however these demands are highly seasonal and variable, so staff planning needs careful consideration as well…

Light Watch 4-102: One of the fast ways to move in China and many other parts of the world are the high speed trains. I have taken the Maglev train in Shanghai a few times which propels you up to more than 400km/hour…talking about fast track!

10. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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