Catching the bus

Singapore 24st June 2013

According to the expression there is always another bus around the corner or in other words if you miss one there will be another one coming soon…I use the metaphor in my business when describing the acquisition of projects. We earn our money as consultants to projects that need our expertise so for the continuity of the business we do need new projects continuously. Hence we are sort of at a bus stop waiting for a next bus all the time, though sometime we have no idea where the bus stop is! Clients can emerge from anywhere, anytime, such is the nature of our profession. While we have our regular clients and are listed as preferred consultants with many project developers, property owners and operators, we still need to be alert, keep an eye out for a next bus to come 🙂

The majority of our projects come to us through referral and recommendation, which is a good thing, but not necessarily a guarantee. As it turns out you are not the only one around or being recommended and often you find yourself in competition with some of your colleagues in the business to land the job. I was in such situation for a couple of projects over the last few weeks and as it turned out two of them (totally unrelated) within a space of a few hours messaged me today that they had decided for someone else in these projects. Damn! The bus left without me 🙂  The reality is that you can’t win them all and one of the things you do learn is that catching or missing a “bus” is generally nothing personal.  There is enough to go around!

Light Watch 4-112: We are lucky that we work in today’s lighting industry, not only is the technology continuously developing, lighting applications and awareness towards the importance and impact of lighting has grown substantially to the extent that (artificial) lighting has become a key element in our daily lives. Not only lighting for work, sport or relaxation. Lighting also is increasingly finding its way into the art world. James Turrell’s latest exhibition opened a few days ago (on the 21st June to be precise, the day of the summer solstice) in New York’s Guggenheim Museum, a Frank Lloyd Wright designed building. As always he explores the perception of natural and artificial light, space and colour making use of the latest LED lighting technology…

24. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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