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Singapore 18th June 2013

After a day of relative little excitement, also known as a fairly routine lighting design work day (but NOT a groundhog day 🙂  ) at the office, it was time tonight to mingle with the Singapore lighting industry for the launch of one of the newer brands in town: Modulex. Risen from the Ushio ashes and grown into a full fletched brand under the patronage of Osram. Not surprisingly most, if not all, are LED driven lighting systems. The company has gradually made its advances into our project market over the last year, visiting us a few times and leaving us to play with a few of their samples. You know when a company is confident about the quality of their lighting products…they happily leave you to play and explore with it. Well researched and developed products and vetted by the reliability of the Osram brand. Having the endorsement and support of a world brand like Osram definitely helps to overcome any doubts you may have on initial recognition of the brand. But time will tell. Only once we have completed a project from start (specification) to finish (installation and handover) will we know how credible the products (and the company!) are!! As always it is not only the product but also the people behind…

For the introduction to the greater public (I believe they had the local media on call) they pulled all stops with a product application showroom, a display space and a bar/social area to meet and greet people in a more relaxed area. As a result the party stretched along the street as the 3 spaces where in 3 different units along the street. Crowd control and security was at hand to manoeuvre the local traffic safely along the socialising/ networking crowd. Always good to catch up with colleagues and friends in the business. Though you would think a Tuesday night is not necessarily your most ideal night for a launch party it was really well attended…

Light Watch 4-108: Some (Iphone) mood images from the night….


18. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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