Agent provocateur

Singapore 14th June 2013

Wikipedia tells me that traditionally an “agent provocateur” is an agent employed by the police or other government entity to act under cover to entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act or to falsely implicate them to partake in an illegal act. Now this feels very much like my LED Cowboys! I am talking here about agents that represent certain lighting brands in the market. Manufacturers generally do not sell direct and use agent(s) in cities, countries or regions (depending on the geographic or cultural divide) to sell and distribute their lighting products. These agents generally take on certain sales targets when they sign on and commit to certain sales, stock and showroom facilities. Depending their success and relationship this can result in a very longstanding or a very short marriage. I know agents who have been the representative for ever and I know some who seem to change brands with the change of winds. Then there is the issue of sole distributor/ agency versus multiple agencies. In the first case of course life is simple, you know who to talk to. In the case of non-exclusive agencies there is an extra dimension where the agencies may fight amongst themselves to land the sale for a project. Different manufacturers have different strategies.

I bring this up as over the last few months we had several “agents” pop up out of the woodwork claiming (possibly truthfully) they are the agent for a new brand that has gradually been introduced to us over the last year or so. The thing with multiple agencies is that they don’t really let you know that there are others you can specify or buy from. They introduce themselves as being THE agent for that brand. Some go as far as saying they are the exclusive agent, some do say that they are not exclusive, but sort of the principal one and that others are more on a project to project basis….Anyhow, my point is that it is a ruthless (sales) world out there and that some of these agents really push the boundary as an agent (”provocateur”) to get you committed to work with them…

Light Watch 4-106: Lighting technology is still in the midst of a revolution, not only LED! Nano and molecule technology will allow to create light sources so small you can’t see them if they are not on! Tough sales for an agent! See below subsequently
1)     nano lighting technology
2)     a glowing molecule
3)     nano scale laser technology…
4)     mini light source

14. June 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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