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Jakarta 13th May 2013

I am not a religious man…I do work “religiously” and committedly, but I am not part of any specific religion. I don’t go to church, mosque, temple or synagogue to pray, but I do visit them whenever I have the occasion on my travels; Milan, Paris, Moscow, Istanbul, Bangkok, Agra; they have some great religious buildings and visiting them is special, even inspirational. I don’t need to be religious to appreciate that. In fact interpreting and reflecting on your own principles and actions when in life in a place like that can be quite “deep and meaningful”. Several years back I read a book that assessed and described all the known religions in comparison. A very interesting read and in combination with all my travelling a valuable reference. I also read a book about the lost years of Jesus (a part not listed in the bible) that describes his voyage to India and his exposure to Hinduism!

Why am I all about religion…? Because it was religion that woke me up a 4am something this morning. I had arrived late last night in Jakarta from Perth and was hoping to sleep in a bit, but was rudely awoken, in what felt the middle of the night, by the sound of prayers coming from the nearby mosque. Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim country and the religion trickles through in many aspect of doing business here. While Indonesians are generally quite relaxed about their religion, you cant really escape Friday prayers, when most Muslims drop whatever they are doing to go for prayers…

While I do respect religions I do feel that it should not impede on the workplace…I once, had a very devout Muslim in my team in Singapore, who had the Koran on his desk and stepped out several times a day to pray. In principle no issue but it gradually started to affect the others in the team as he was away a lot for prayers and was (too) frequently reading the Koran during working hours rather than doing the work I was paying him for. He was a nice guy, but it did not work out…I am just saying…working religiously can be a challenge J

Light Watch 4-83: Religion is often linked to…”seeing the light”. Light from heaven…Here are some pictures from around my place in Perth…

14. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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