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Jakarta 14th May 2013

Today, much like yesterday was spent mostly on site inspecting the progress of the lighting in our projects here. It is hard to believe how out of such mess on site something beautiful can emerge! I have been to many building sites in my life to the extent that when I see a site in a building stage I can pretty much anticipate when it is likely to be ready. For instance from approval of the hotel mock up room to final completion, pretty much 12- 18 months, from finishing the building super structure and first start of a commercial fit out minimum 6 months to any form of soft opening. So when I came to site this morning and saw that fit out had just started, I knew that the scheduled opening of June (despite the project manager keeping up a brave face) would not be met. Confidentially he told me that it would probably be September, I looked at him and said…sure (with a smile)…

One of the recurring feedbacks you get at this stage is people starting to project opinions about the lighting. It is too bright! There are too many lights! Do we really need lights here? It is too dark over here! This happens when the structure is still bare, the ceiling has just been fitted out and they have started to install the down lights. No partitions, furniture, finishes, carpets and all decorative items like pendants, wall scones or table lamps still a long way before installing. Often the overall site is still awash with work lights troubling people’s ability to judge the final outcome! You would be surprised how many people cannot make the distinction and criticise your lighting design confusing work lights with what they think you specified…!

Down lights in a white concrete space with no fit out and finishes look of course distinctively brighter! Once the carpets, curtains and furniture are in light will be absorbed left, right and centre. Most people can’t really envisage that so they react on what they see…too many (or too little) lights! Leave it to the experts! That is why you hire us J…

Light Watch 4-84: Here is a snapshot of a few work sites I have been to in the last two days! Some are so dusty you need to use a mask to properly breathe…


14. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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