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Bali 30th May 2013

I am in Bali today and tomorrow for some regular project follow up…it’s busy at the moment! But a happy problem as they say J. Today we were presented with the interior concept for the main public areas. The thing with concepts is (whether for interiors or lighting, any concept really) is how far you take it and how much you literally apply in your design. Today’s ID concept was an interpretation of a pool concept. Your traditional swimming pool but then with all elements deconstructed and somehow re-apply into the interiors. Diving boards as bar tops, water slides culminating is seats, pool stairs into shelving, ceilings concerted in to inverted pools and to top it off underwater lights in the elevators…why not.

The challenge with concepts, any concepts, is to balance the implementation of its features with the real needs of the space you are designing for. As with everything, too much becomes overwhelming, too little risks to be so understated you don’t really notice. The thing with concepts is that if you really have a good one (like I believe this pool concept is) you suddenly have so many options and ideas sprouting out of it that you may lose sight of the ultimate goal which is to produce a concept for the operator that works and is practical to maintain and operate, rather than a showcase of any possible pool implementation as a feature. A typical case of not seeing the trees through the forest.

It is the same for lighting, you need to pace the implementation of any feature lights or lighting systems and if used in big quantities understate the appearance somehow; at least that is my opinion. In general my mantra is no comments are good comments, because it means that your lighting fits in harmoniously and totally validates the overall architectural, landscape or interior concept. Comments are generally either “too much” or “not enough”…pace and balance, without ultimately loosing function and performance.

Light Watch 4-95: I went to Google some interior pool designs… here are a few



30. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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