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Singapore 21st May 2013

More and more project teams resort to tele-conferencing. Over the last few months the amount of Tele-conferences, Webex and Skype internet meetings have gone through the roof. It looks like we nearly have them once a week now with some projects. Of course the idea behind is to reduce costs and hopefully speeds up the process of design and development. On whether that is actually happening, the jury is still out. Yes it seems to reduce costs as with international project teams the movement of whole teams from one country to another (costs involving flights, meals, accommodation and actual professional time) can be quite a lot. So we find that the consultants from one country (like here in Singapore for instance) are hogging together in one of the offices to talk to the rest of the project teams/ clients in say China and India. It is more the effectiveness that I am still not 100% convinced about. I love face to face meetings, I can read my fellow consultants mind and feelings about certain concept strategies or details and can interact far much quicker then when we are a whole bunch of people scrambled around a TV or computer trying to make sense out of computer images and sometimes poor sound transmission.

One on one should be really one on one and not one on twenty… 🙂 Anyhow my point is that I feel I am far more effective and productive in a one on one rather than in a webex call. But truth be said there is place and time for everything. There are certainly meetings and stages during the project where these kind of remote get-togethers work well. I love my skype and communicate with all my staff via skype, regardless where I am, even if we are in the same office sometimes! In fact for years now I always operate a second computer screen so that I can have my skype conversations while continuing work on my main screen. There are times where I have nearly 10 conversations going at the same time! Typing the right text in the right window can be a challenge…I guess we all have had that “oops” moment…

Light Watch 4-89: Most of the time our tele-conferences are simple; but there are some pretty sophisticated tele-conference facilities around…


21. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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