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Bali 31st May 2013

Today was mostly spent working sites and visiting potential new clients on site. It’s amazing how many projects are still being build and planned! You would think that by now Bali is pretty “full” (which judging by the traffic jams in and around Denpasar seems a fair assessment), but the reality is that it is still a beehive of project activities. We have several on the board here.

It is always a reality check to go to site, certainly once the building structure has come out of the ground. We form an image of how  we think the project is going to look like (aided by renderings) but once you set foot on the site you get a real feel of the spatial proportions, the dimensions and despite all my years of experience, it amazes me every time how different the reality is. Sometimes it looks way smaller then you imagined, sometimes it is the other way around. My site visit this morning was of the type of being way bigger and impressing than I thought. Somehow the rendering and the drawings gave a much more subdued impression than the real thing.

But while the architectural structure was above expectation, the preliminary lighting seemed below expectation. While it may be early days to comment, it seemed to me that the ceiling mark ups and exposed electrical wires I could see for the lighting would not cut it for what we have designed and scheduled. For now I give them the benefit of the doubt as they say they follow our design drawings…Key to the ultimate success is often the quality and experience of the project construction manager, the good ones know exactly how to balance the responsibilities and involvements of both the design team as well as the construction team. It is a delicate balance between trust in the experts and the necessary due diligence. I don’t think I would be a good site construction manager; I would be to nice and understanding J That does not always get things done on site!

Light Watch 4-96: Here are some impressions from the site works

31. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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