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Singapore 23rd May 2013

We are about to embark on a long weekend in Singapore with tomorrow being a public holiday…don’t ask which one as I have lost track with my many travelling. I just know from the staff they’re not coming in tomorrow. Anyhow a good time to relax and catch up on things, quite a number of personal stuff still awaiting some attention…

I think people skills is one of the key attributes that any entrepreneur and I would say profilic designer should have. We design for people, we deal with people. Just being a good designer is not necessarily a winning formula! I deal with people constantly, my staff, my fellow consultants, manufacturers, salespeople, clients, project managers, bosses, workers, government authorities, service provider… I could probably fill my whole blog naming the sort of people I deal with. Some in person, some remotely through voice contact (phone), visual contact (skype/ conference calls) and some by written words (emails mostly). In all these communications people skills is the key, diplomacy, respect and trust play a big role and mixed with kindness and understanding it can bring you lots of good. Of course you need to back up kindness with decisiveness and determination. This at times requires you to say “NO!” or “enough is enough” but there are many ways to skin a cat as they say.

I was reminded of that today after a long exchange of emails with verbal barbs between our team and a very obstinate project manager, someone in my opinion with zero people skills… J Whatever we do, whatever we say, he always finds a way to put you down, be one up or ignore responses with more time consuming and unnecessary demands. I checked with his boss if he just behaved like that towards us but got to understand that he was like that towards everyone, even directors! Not a great way to make friends and get the best out of people, but hey, it’s a way to get the work done I guess, I just don’t think I would like to work with someone like that again in the future. Maybe I need to take him out for a beer and get him to relax a bit!

Sounds like a good plan for this long weekend!

Light Watch 4-91: Halloween is long gone, but you may enjoy this singing Halloween house. This is the video link:


23. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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