Commercial relationships

Jakarta 15th May 2013

As I am in the lounge waiting for my flight back to Singapore, I reflect back on the last few days in Jakarta. Overall a well spent time, managed to meet several of my clients for on-going projects as well see some potential new clients to negotiate our project offer. I am going back with a lot of “homework” in my bag J…

What stuck most in my mind was a statement (nearly as an apology) from one of my project clients about the fact that the installed down lights as well as the control system were not from the specified source. I had queried him (confronted is probably a better word) about the fact he had ignored our specs and had gone ahead to install another brand from another supplier source; one that I had previously rejected! This supplier had tried, in vain, to convince me and get my approval for their proposed alternatives but at several occasions I had rejected it and explained what they needed to do to comply. My client’s project director explained that this was the result of a “commercial relation” between the clients CEO and this company. No further explanation, but I quickly understood that the supplier had basically “thrown” in the lights as a sweetener for being awarded a far bigger contract to provide other equipment and products in the hotel.

I have encounter this in other projects regularly. In this case it had happened not only with the down lights but also with the controls. In both cases the selected supplier and his brands unfortunately had practically no prior experience in the use of LED. When I say experience, I mean no completed projects with at least 1-2 years of proven reliability track record in support. It happens all the time and my dear client is just a guinnea pig. The supplier of the controls to my knowledge used to be just a manufacturer of switches, but they have now moved in more sophisticated dimming controls. Dimming LED’s is a whole different ball game…I will just have to wait and see if this “commercial relationship” will work out…I hope so!

Light Watch 4-85 Talking about commercial relationships…typical for countries like Indonesia are the huge billboards (and hundreds of floodlights) along the city skyline…

15. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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