Jakarta 29th May 2013

We all know the 80-20 rule; 20% of the energy for 80% of the result, or 80% of the problems created by 20% of the issues. Eliminate or take care of this 20% and you achieve 80% of the desired result. Over the past few days I have been evaluating with the rest of the project team how to best create the visual mock-up of our design that best represent our conceptual (lighting) ideas. The challenge we however face in this particular project is a procurement manager who makes decisions purely based on price. Somewhere early in the project some QS put a budget together for the lighting of this project which now turns out to be totally inadequate. Not that I am specifying the sky, not at all, but still we seem quite a way of their budget. So his thinking is that he has a budget of 80 but the consultant has specified products for a value of 100. Simple solution…just ask some alternatives from suppliers costing 80. The problem is that what is being sold to him as “equivalent” is not. He thinks it is because it looks the same. Unfortunately it isn’t and can’t be. You cannot really expect an “accountant” to be able to evaluate and assess whether a supplier submission is compliant equivalent. That’s our task. So if that communication and consultation is not happening you have a recipe for disaster.

Our meetings today finally brought all parties to the (same) table during which I brought an important point forward. Having to achieve a savings of 20% on the costs does not mean we have to look for light fittings that cost 80%. The thing with value engineering is that we may very well reconfigure and re-assess the lighting design such that we maintain the 100% in critical and key important areas, but perhaps reduce to 60% in lesser important, non-critical areas. It is a designer way of looking at things not a bean counter way! The key target for us is to achieve the performance and quality standards that are expected for the property. Just cutting 20% will not do it…even in value engineering creativity is key!

Light Watch 4-94: Here are some more pics from Vivid Sydney…definitely no value engineering here. Variations on one theme; maximum enjoyment!





29. May 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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