Perth 10th April 2013

While I am preparing some presentations for upcoming speaking engagements and doing a remote magazine interview, I am very much aware that as we grow older, supposedly wiser and have more experience, we have the duty to share this with our industry and beyond. I feel it is a shame to keep all your knowledge in your head just for you to use. Some people are afraid to share as they believe that it’s personal knowledge that is part of their value as a designer. True, but that does not mean you cannot share…one of the key reasons for writing my blog is to share my experience as a lighting designer, to create better awareness of the benefits of better an sustainable lighting, to make people understand the added value that good lighting design can bring to our living environment. For that I have to share.

By sharing you also need to stay ahead of the game. In order to share 100% I need to be 150% on top of my game. I have found that sharing my knowledge and experience as a lighting designer, makes me stop and reflect on what I am doing, it makes me think and educate myself more on issues that I want to share my concerns with. In order to write an article about lighting design I need to know and make sure I have got my facts right. In order to do a guest presentation at a major lighting event I need to be fully knowledgeable about what I am going to share with the attending public. I am sharing to educate, I am sharing to motivate, I am sharing to encourage and show ways to solutions. I am there as a professional representative of my profession as lighting designer, therefore the task of sharing knowledge is a serious one. Boasting how good I am, is not sharing, that is ego tripping! After more than 30 years in the lighting design business I am privileged with the knowledge and experience I have, I find it extremely rewarding to share and motivate the new generation of lighting designers. And you know what, by sharing I learn as well…

Light Watch 4-62: Designers keep on coming up with interesting new concepts. 3kta ( developed this racket game with lights, that combined with sound produces very cool images.

10. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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