Rijks Museum re-opens

Perth 8th April 2013

As a Dutchman I cann’t but be proud of our famous Rijks Museum. It will be re-opened next week after 10 years of rebuilding, renovation and restoration. The news from the last few days not surprisingly has been very forward about the new LED lighting. The museum, known for the world’s largest collection of Rembrandt paintings, closed in 2003 and now, after completion of the renovations, will finally re-open. Many of the original features were restored and the 19th century building has been transformed into a modern interior that blends 19th century grandeur with modern 21st century design according to the news reports.

Some of the famous paintings like the Nacht Wacht were relocated either to a temporary storage or went around the world in touring exhibitions. I have to admit it has been a very long time since I visited the Museum, but now, equipped with the new LED lighting, I have to make it a point to visit during my next visit to Holland, simply to see if the LED lighting matches up with its billing. Honestly, I have my doubts, just looking from the pictures I saw, but then these can be very deceiving. LED is a totally new technology and I just have a suspicion that it does not yet has that depth of optical performance (a combination of pure accent lighting, colour and softness that we know from incandescent lighting technology). I may well be proven wrong. I just speak from my knowledge of the LED lighting technology that I know today. Specifically the beam and glare control are critical in museum lighting and very little LED systems have that optical performance required.

According to Philips promotional statement the lighting uses 750,000 LED’s to light up more than 7500 artefacts over 9500m2 of gallery space. It is promoted as the worlds most advanced LED system and designed to closely mimic the colour rendition of museum lighting allowing visitors to see details of master pieces that were previously not visible! That is a bold but expected statement…I look forward to visit the Museum.

Light Watch 4-60: Below some of the pictures that have been circulated in the news about the upcoming re-opening.


08. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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