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Hainan, 24th April 2013

As I mentioned yesterday a CCTV film crew is following the project team during this week’s design and coordination meetings as well as filming the official signing ceremony of the operators management contract last night. I imagine that this Is like Survivor or the Amazing Race must feel, with camera men continuously around (sometimes re-staging things for better recording :)). I must say it is in a way quite exciting as it makes you feel like we have embarked in something special. But that is probably just my ego speaking here…the funny thing is that after a while you hardly notice them anymore. I was always wondering with these reality TV shows what it would feel like when these TV crews are around you all the time, but indeed after a while it’s like they don’t exist; part of the background and furniture 🙂

One of the things I have always found fascinating in Asian culture is the hierarchal chain of management and subordinates. Sometimes you want a simple meeting with just decision makers around, but in this part of the world (where labour is cheap(er) I guess) we find ourselves with complete groups of “village people”. Really I have some times now idea where they are from or what they are doing there. But for some “bosses” it makes them look important if they come with all their staff…Yesterday I was to do a round of the site with just my colleague, the project manager and the chief engineer but instead of the 4 of us we ended with a group of nearly 20 people…really? Apparently the master from overseas (me :)) was going to tell them what needed to be done, so every single person with something to do with lighting on site was present from the lamp procurement guy to the guy responsible for installing the electrical distribution boards… I tried to explain to them that I was just doing an assessment round and hoped to move around the site quickly and efficiently, but to no avail…they were told to stick around so they did! Hard to break cultural barriers and sometimes maybe we shouldn’t. That is reality for you too…

Light Watch 4-71: Here are some mood pictures from my meetings, the ceremony and more…

24. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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