Singapore 19-20th April 2013

Sometimes when I reach Friday I am like…phew…that’s another week gone. I was off at 6.30 to go for a drink with a friend and never came back before late….so here is a weekend edition 🙂

A lot of our work goes into planning and preparing, preparing for trips, planning for presentations, preparing for events…Today was one such day of preparations. I am off to China next week and as always there are lots of things to prepare, not in the least chasing the client who is supposed to pay the flights upfront as contractually agreed! Next week’s meetings are important as they do not happen frequently and having the whole consultant’s project team together is a great opportunity to connect and coordinate any outstanding details. Also with the client actually present decisions can be made, work progress can be signed of so we can move to the next phase. Having said that it means we need to be well prepared as in respect to all parties present, we need to have done our expected “homework” so that all issues to be resolved can actually be resolved for the greater progress of the project. I feel it is always embarrassing if a team member comes to such meetings ill-prepared as it waists other peoples time!

Preparations are also important when you are invited as guest speaker at major lighting events. Not only travel and accommodation, but making sure the event organisers have your bio, the synopsis of your talk and any other pre-event info they need to promote the event. This is done months in advance and even if the actual event is still months away, you are already in preparation mode! My talk for PLDC in October/November is already in preparation, pre-event info already submitted and mid year the complete presentation need to be ready for submission so it can be printed incorporated into the event proceedings. But as they say good preparations is half the work done!

Light Watch 4-69: One of the leading trend technologies of which the potential has yet to be unlocked are the OLED’s. There is so much work going into this, so much to prepare before we really have a useful product… Right now I feel we only have an innovation driven product and many are trying to find useful applications. Even competitions are being called to find commercially viable product applications… and

20. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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