Singapore 30th April 2013

For the un-initiated, today is Queens Day in Holland…for the last time…as it is also the day that Queen Beatrix abdicates in favour of her son Willem Alexander who will be crowned the new King. As a Dutchie (even though I am not really a royalist), the event is quite special and brings out some nationalistic feelings. What I like about the pragmatic approach from Beatrix that she has the guts to call it a day, even if still fully capable of executing her duties  and leave it to the younger generation to take over (maybe Queen Elizabeth of England should take a leaf out of her book…). We Dutch are rather pragmatic anyhow… 🙂

The event is not really related to anything lighting other than that it relates to me as a Dutchman and lighting designer. The royal house of Oranje has always used the colour orange as the theme for all royal and national events to bring people together. It is not surprising that all celebrations will have orange as the theme colour and many buildings in the city and around the country have been lit in orange. While Googling I found Amsterdam’s historic Magere Brug lit with orange light, a typical Dutch windmill lit in orange and even the famous empire State Building in New York marking the occasion with an orange light up! Otherwise it seems that every typical Dutch product and brand will be available in orange for the occasion…our tulips, our cheese, our coffee brand, our wooden clogs, even soups and “hagel slag” …even the trains have been repainted in orange for the occasion!

What this all says to me is that with a strong theme you are really able to bond everything and everyone together; like it or hate it. I am not saying that my next project will all be in orange lighting, but a recurring theme throughout a project in terms of lighting effects, colours, beam types or patterns will certainly create that feel…

Light Watch 4-75: An impression of all things orange! Guess tonight I should be wearing an orange T-shirt when I go to sleep…:)


30. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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