Joy and disappointment

Perth 11th April 2013

I have just been notified that a lighting event that was to be held in Qatar next month has been cancelled (actually postponed)…that’s really disappointing. A phone call from the organisers informed me that they found the remaining time too short to properly organise the event successfully. All confirmed guest speakers to the event are being notified as we speak. With the costs that come with organising such event enough sponsors need to be found, enough participants need to be pre-registered, things that take time! This kind of events are generally organised a year ahead of schedule and organising an event in a niche application such as lighting design is difficult and it takes experience in the profession to understand what makes people go and attend these events and conferences. I think the organisers of this event may have underestimated that. For now, as the event is postponed (not cancelled) to a later date, we have to deal with the immediate disappointment of the cancellation and re-adjust our self to the new situation. We can dwell on disappointment but we can also accept the decision (not a light one to take after near 6 months of preparation), see what we can take away from our efforts and re-channel these into the future event.

Life is all about happiness and sadness, joy and disappointment. As a designer we have to deal with this all the time. It is the way that we deal with it that determines our future. Go with the flow, accept certain situations and move on. There is always another bus around the corner. You can metaphorically be annoyed and frustrated, even angry about having missed the bus, spending a lot of energy ruing the missed bus, but you can also simply accept the fact that you missed it, regroup and use your energy to plan ahead to do better next time. We learn from our mistakes, our misses, our missed opportunities. That is how we grow our experience, that is what in the end makes us the expert lighting designers that we are. There will still be hits and misses, joy and disappointments, but hey! That’s life! …accept it! 🙂

Light Watch 4-63: As I write this blog Euroluce in Milan is in full swing (till 14/4 I believe). I was not able to make it this year but found an interesting lighting related design concept from Ross Lovegroove who designed a concept car for Renault with guess…embedded LED’s all over…looks pretty cool and surely provides joy for the owner I would imagine . I understand it is somewhere on display in Milan…

11. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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