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Hainan, 25th April 2013

Today was more of the same only this time we had broken up in smaller groups each focussed on specific coordination issues. My main focus of the day was the coordination with the interior designer to trash out all lighting details to allow us to move into full design development detailing. These are meetings best carried out with the least possible number of people, just the key design decision makers, me my interior design counterpart and our close senior design managers. Contrary to yesterday we managed to keep the group small and as a result quick progress and rapid decision making was possible, a meeting of the (creative) minds without unnecessary distractions.

It is not always that you meet creative minds (interior designers) who really have an excellent feel and understanding of lighting. When you do working together is a joy and a breeze as both are extremely focussed and understanding of what needs to be achieved and the challenges that need to be resolved. There are many architects, landscape and interior designers who think they “know” lighting and think they can tell you what to do. Unfortunately most of the time they do not and working together is far more difficult due to the ego’s that are in the way. Those designers who do understand lighting have a far more respect for lighting designers (provided of course you know your stuff…) and working together is far more enjoyable and productive. Today was such a day in which we really got in the swing of things and managed to cover all that we wanted in a relatively short time! Very satisfactory and great for a fluent progress of work…

Light Watch 4-72: The TV company that is documenting our meetings and project progress sent me a couple of take outs of me in action from the video’s shot yesterday. I don’t have the opportunity often to look at myself in action…so here it is a few action shots of moi in action…






25. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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