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Perth 9th April 2013

Don’t know what’s going on with the weather, but it seems like rather extreme opposites right now! We had a white Easter with snow and freezing temperatures in Europe just a week ago and we are having tropical summer temperatures in the high 30 degrees here in Perth! Europe in April should be nice with pleasant spring temperatures, likewise Australia should be nice with pleasant autumn temperatures. It was 38 degrees yesterday and close to that today again…nice to have a beach not far away 🙂

Our work goes on rain or shine. We don’t really have a dress code other then that it should be comfortable and representable when we visit our clients. As designers in principle we can get away with anything as long as it looks decent and cared for. But with this weather even-though we have air-conditioning, it is nice to put on a pair of board shorts and a T-shirt, nice and comfortable…my little kitchen provides me with the drinks and refreshments. We are a creative design studio so our attire and work attitude should allow us to feel comfortable and motivated. That gets the creative juices flowing.

I have never insisted on my staff to dress a certain way. The way you dress is also an expression of your personality, so as long as it is not offensive and decent I have no issues. In my early days in corporate Philips I was sort of pressured in wearing a tie, not so much verbally as well as through peer pressure…everyone was wearing one. Having a beard at the time was already pretty progressive. Now its reversed, the lesser hair on your head (bald/ crew cut is in) except for beards which are making a come back. I won’t have one…had one for more then 20 years…

Many years ago I was contemplating to shave of my beard just before I was due for a major keynote presentation. When my host got wind of it he asked me to please keep my beard; I looked much more like a professor and more credible! Besides that all the announcements had gone out with my bearded image…so I trimmed it, but kept it. After 9-11 however I got rid of my beard permanently …no associations 🙂

Light Watch 4-61: There is nothing more pure then natural light and for that matter a sunrise or sunset. People cant stop from taking in the moment…After a hot day  day in meetings and in the office I ended on the beach (in a state of “undress”) for a swim at sunset.

09. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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