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Bali 2nd April 2013

The benefit of doing projects all over the world is that you go places, sometimes repeatedly to the same (enjoyable) place. After the Good Friday -Easter long weekend I travelled back to Bali yesterday to start what is going to be a “tough” week in Bali. As I write this blog my hair (the little that I have left 🙂 ) is still wet as I have just come out of a little pool break. I am at an undisclosed Bali resort for business…and having walked around all day, parts of it with the hotel engineer, examining and assessing the current state of the lighting, I needed to refresh a bit, relax a bit as I have still a bit of work ahead this evening. As lighting designers our job is to make sure lighting looks good at night so a good part of our time is often spent at night. But as we don’t work normal hours (add to that the many crazy hours of travelling) it is a must to sort of balance business and pleasure and being at a resort in Bali does not leave much to the imagination when it comes to relaxing a bit in between work. So with the night already set I took a dip in the illuminated pool and floated belly up watching the stars…yes Bali still has nice clear skies with a reasonable starry sky at night…

Of course emerging oneself in resort life also helps understand what people do and how they experience the resort. We design for people not for lux meters is one of my standard quotes…so getting to know what people do, how they use spaces, is elementary as Dr Watson would say. Going to the seaside restaurant later on for my dinner is similarly part of assimilating what’s going on in the resort and my little black notebook (yes I still write…) is never far away. Just earlier I saw a band setting up camp on the function lawn in front of the restaurant, no doubt to entertain the guests. However there is hardly any lighting provision so I guess it will be more about the sounds and smells, rather then any visual experience. Nothing some candle light can’t fix…

Light Watch 4-56: Even without any work done there is a good basic infra structure from the original design that allows you to shoot some mood pictures….



02. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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