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Singapore 17th April 2013

As lighting designers we need projects to stay in the fray; to get projects we need to receive an invitation to quote for our services (an RFP, a request for proposal) and to receive an invitation we need clients with knowledge and funds to invite us. If the economy is not good, there may not be the funds for the projects.  So assuming we do get invited we then need to assess the value of our services for the scope of work that is required and put the fee proposal in accordingly. Invariably we will get to a situation where the client will want to negotiate the fees. As this is a way of life in this part of the world we anticipate these negotiations and make sure we have a bit of meat to play with. But obviously there is a bottom line below which we have to say: “Sorry client, but not for us!” ;despite how eager we are to get the job.

Luckily for us the RFP’s keep on coming so no complaint there…today I even had a client so eager to get me on board of his project, he wanted to fly me out straight away today (flights and accommodation paid!) to sign the project. Having never dealt with this person before I obviously had to do a bit of due diligence and eventually settled to meet this weekend. This is what keeps our life and profession interesting; the unexpected!

At the same time today we got a “boomerang” project back. These are projects that you quoted months, sometimes years ago, but which you either lost or which were somehow shelved. The RFP for today’s boomerang project was submitted by us nearly a year ago and from client feedback at the time we were too expensive and another lighting designer was appointed. From today’s information we understand the lighting designer was no longer involved for whatever reason (no point in assuming any comments if we do not know the whole story, right?). The point is we stuck to our guns (as in our fees) and now nearly a year later there is good chance that we may get this project still…

Light Watch 4-67: I Googled boomerangs and sure enough there are some LED versions already…

17. April 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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