Winning ways

Singapore 14th March 2013

Sometimes you start on a project and you have that feeling it is going to be one of those great projects. I spent today a good part of my time working on the concept and design development of a hotel resort project that I feel has the potential to be a winner in all possible ways. The architecture and interior design are stunningly beautiful and above all unique with a very local flavour. I can just see the design slowly coming into shape which will bring this place mysteriously alive. I am excited because the lead consultant understands the power of lighting and his design has this already in mind. These are situations where you basically can score in an open goal.

But as easy as it may look, there a still many pitfalls to be navigated. We may all feel good about the concept and the way the design evolves, but it is only when we come to the reality of procurement and installation that we will know whether our dreams will really materialise. We will need to overcome budget limitations, surely (this is Asia!) and make sure we have the owner fully on our side. So it will be crucial to communicate at each and every turn we make so we don’t lose him along the way. And even when have navigated the budget (quality) obstacle, there will still be the quality of installation. We all know how contractors have a tendency to take shortcuts, so we will need to be alert to the end. But if we can manage that with the team and commission the project to full satisfaction, we will surely have a winner here! Winning ways may look simple on hindsight, but when you are on the road it takes skilful navigation!

Light Watch 4-45: Talking about winning ways, Illumni just announced it is organising the Infinity Awards exhibition in Singapore next week. An international panel of judges adjudicated entries from all over the world showcasing the creativity of lighting designers. An evening I will certainly try to attend….other peoples work can be very inspiring! The evening will be held at the Ying Yang Roof Club Bar at Ang Siang Hill, next week Wednesday. Here is the venue:

14. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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