Seeing is believing

Kuala Lumpur 28th February 2013

In Kuala Lumpur today and tomorrow…follow up on one of my previous blogs on doing visual mock ups. We spent the afternoon preparing the site and mock up for our night time testing. While we did a very rough test a few month ago on the actual site on a bare concrete column that was rising out of the ground, the objective of today’s visual mock up was to test the interaction of the light with the selected cladding material. A section of the façade (about 3 floors) was build on an industrial site, in first instance for the architect to assess and address construction issues. But with the mock up being cladded with the actual material finishes, it was also an ideal opportunity for us to test the lighting. For the purpose we had the manufacturer assist us in rigging up a number of floodlights with a few different beam angles and accessories so we would have enough flexibility in testing positions and aiming directions with the aim to confirm our lighting design.

However life never follows a straight path! Arriving on site the first thing that struck me that it was tucked away in a corner with little room to appreciate and asses from a distance, the factory building standing in the way. The dusty environment created a very dirty cladding which was immediately revealed with lighting; we needed to spent some time in cleaning the cladding first! The next hurdle to clear was to illuminate environmental light pollution. Yes there will be surrounding city lights in real life when completed, but we had to deal with two glary street lights (which we had to box up) and bright factory interiors (uncontrollable), both creating very disturbing reflections and distraction to our tests. Finally we found that the test rig prepared by the contractor was of such shoddy quality that we had to improvise to get any lighting set up!

In the end we did manage as good as possible to execute some lighting tests, enough to understand how lighting will interact and how we will need to adapt our design to make it work. Seeing is believing…

Light Watch 4-36: Here are some pictures of tonight’s testing…


01. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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