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Singapore 25th March 2013

Monday…another (but short) week ahead as coming Friday is a public holiday…

Typical day in the office: clearing your email inbox, responding to urgent matters, chasing slow paying clients, working on concept presentations, planning meetings and project site visits, attending outside coordination and site meeting while managing to have a decent lunch in between J

One of the big happenings in LED world from last few days was undoubtedly the recall by the Lighting Science Group (LSG) of no less than 554,000 LED lamps from the market sold under the names of Definity, Ecosmart, Sylvania and Westinghouse, some major brand names! The announcement was made by the Consumer Product Safety commission of America and was picked up by most lighting publications including the Professional Lighting Design Magazine who issued a special newsletter to all its (lighting designer) members. Main reason for the recall: the imminent danger of fire. Reports of 68 cases of LED overheating causing all sorts of damage such as melted fixtures, damaged light sockets and lamp circuits, burned rugs and carpets. There was no report of any personal injury.

The LED lamps concerned were all retrofit models for 120V A, G and R types also known as GLS (40-50Watt) and PAR 20 types. From my understanding sold in the US. The consumer commissions advice is to immediately stop using the LED lamps and remove them from their fitting. By contacting the manufacturer a free replacement can be obtained. The LED lamps have been identified as having been manufactured from October 2010 to March 2011, not surprisingly in China.

Interesting observations to make here is that the production at the time would have been roughly 100,000 pcs a month! Also that it has taken 2 years from manufacturing to actually find out about the defect. I can only imagine how many millions of LED lamps/ systems are currently being produced worldwide (scary!) and how many of these will actually be found to be defective (more scary!). This only came to light (literally) because of a responsible manufacturers’ action, how many would have suffered (or are suffering) the same faith elsewhere without the general public being made aware??? This totally fits my LED Cowboy profile…there is so much money to make with LED’s that scrupulous people take advantage at any cost, not bothered by any of the consequences.

Note I am not saying that the LSG is an LED cowboy; it just looks like they have been caught one by one…

Light Watch 4-52: The promised mood images from last weeks’ Ilumni Infinity awards party in Singapore. Photo’s courtesy of Ilumni Magazine (Blink photography).

25. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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