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Singapore 12th March 2013

Back in Singapore again and the first thing on my mind today was a project meeting with my team this morning. I have been away a lot so it was good to go through the projects and get a good status report. Not that I am not aware of what’s going on as as we keep in touch through skype on a daily basis, I am copied in on most email correspondences, but when you meet one on one with your designers it becomes more direct. When I am away there are always excuses and other things that distract my attention 🙂

Establishing the project progress is crucial as we invoice our clients in stages according to our progress of work, so we are always smarting our ways to log in our work progress with our clients so our invoicing is a logical consequence of our work and not a thunderbolt in clear skies! But because our progress depends very much on the total consultants team progress, it is important to keep up a (diplomatic) pressure on our fellow project team members. Finishing a project swiftly is in everybody’s advantage and creates a quick turn around on the fee collections. It is however a fine balance as we also want to have sufficient time to deliver quality lighting design work. Rushing to finish has never been a good thing.

You may be able to determine your own progress of work, but you will find that clients have a knack of finding reasons and things to delay approving your progress. I spent a good part of the afternoon trying to show one of my client’s contract administrators she had it all wrong…It can be pretty frustrating at times, but it is all part and parcel of our design practice. Keeping track of our work progress and smartly packaging our progress to allow invoicing…cash is in the end the petrol that keeps the engine running!

Light Watch 4-43: As a tribute to creative design work I came across this interesting “anti” construction, a structure that reveals the un-built, the absence of a building, if that makes sense. A project from G.Mazars. Lighting the structure is an interesting challenge by itself, with basically no solid space to light! Imagine determining the progress of work here!

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12. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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