Singapore 15th March 2013

In all the project excitements of the week I forgot to mention that we have got a new Pope…from Argentina. Pope Francis I. I am a “free thinker” but do take an interest in various religions and their cultures as they define the world we are living in! The English announced the new Pope (a bit spiteful) as the “New Hand of God” in reference to (Maradonna) and their loss to Argentina at the world cup soccer. But the most striking picture I saw in news report was one with the new pontiff drinking a cup of Mate; the famous Argentinian drink. Alex introduced me to Mate several years ago when we met and till date I like my occasional sip! 🙂 Go Francis enlighten us!

With all the hype surrounding the appointment of the new pope I guess what we all want is that he will use his powers and influence to really bring “enlightenment” to this world. While our job of lighting designer consists mostly of physical and material ways of working with light, there is certainly an important spiritual and holistic side to our work. We design for different cultures and religions, people with different lifestyles and habits. When we design we have to take that in consideration and that may translate into colours, brightness and type of lighting, all creating different moods and emotions, the spiritual side of lighting. There is a huge variety of options between a candle and a flood light, between darkness and bright daylight. Our design concepts are not only driven my lighting design standards but also by our “enlightened” understanding of people and human behaviour!

Perhaps the lighting design community should also elect a (lighting) “pope”, an enlightened designer who can preside over our community, side by side with presidents of the lighting design associations, to better reflect that lighting designers also have an important spiritual role to play in this world! 🙂

Light Watch 4-46: I wish you all an enlightened weekend (and future!)

15. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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