Perth 6th March2013

Today my day was all about collaborations. First I had meetings in regards to a project which is collaboration between the city, a property owner/ operator, a sponsoring supplier and finally myself as the lighting designer. The collaboration was needed to achieve economy of scale through balanced participation and funding. Collaborations/cooperations are a matter of trust and respect, just like in any relationship; it is the fundament on which we build a successful project. The high profile project requires funding so the sponsorship is critical to its success, but as it should be win-win for everyone it is important to look at the exposure and follow up projects that can make the sponsorship investment worthwhile…

My other collaboration event was this evening when I attended the 18 year celebration of Mondoluce, one of the leading lighting suppliers in Perth. A sort of coming of age as in Australia you are considered adult when you reach the age of 18! One of the key ingredients of the evening was the longstanding collaboration between IGuzzini and Mondoluce. It is great to see such long lasting collaborations between manufacturers and local suppliers, because the trust between the two is reflected in the projects. I have seen too many manufacturers change their country suppliers by just the stroke of a pen. Consistency and reliability is a great virtue in the lighting supply world, hence I can but applaud the long relationship between them, it has brought me as a specifier, peace of mind. I know when I specify their products there is a team behind it. As much as I like good products, if the team behind it is not up to scratch, I simply do not have the peace of mind…

Light Watch 4-39: Great relationships result in great achievements, Perth, is a living example of the many Iguzzini projects that have been accomplished in the city. Here are a few.


07. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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