Singapore 28th March 2013

My last blog of the month already…with Good Friday tomorrow and the Easter Holidays, my next working day will be in April…

In our projects we deal with all sorts of clients; sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. The thing is that clients all have their own attitudes and personalities. Some are easy to deal with some are plain difficult. Some are approachable, some only communicate through their PA or PM. The ones that respect your expertise are generally the ones that are easiest to work with, provided you deliver of course! The longer the communication chain, the longer the decision making process, that’s obvious. This holds for approvals of all matters, design as well as payments. A big corporate chairman does not generally wait for you until you to be ready, he’s got a life and if anything you have to wait for them to be ready for you to present. Often you are given a last minute notice with a ridiculous deadline. We have all been there…

A design concept is first being coordinated with your immediate project team members, interior designer, architect etc. At the same time you make sure the project manager and the operator (if involved) are on the same page as well. Nothing is more humiliating in my opinion than to make a presentation to the client and then having to face comments and criticisms on your proposed concept from your “team” mates. So making sure you have coordinated the concept with the rest of the team is vital before doing any client presentation! That is if you get to present to the client! It would not be the first time I present my concept to a second or third tier client representation, who of course all have to show off that they have something to say, often “deconstructive” rather than constructive…It has happened to me before that we were directed by the clients representative into a certain direction, only to be redirected later in a totally different direction by the chairman when we eventually got to present to him….

In the end if you deliver the goods many of the clients remain great business relations with repeat work, but it can take a long time to build mutual trust and respect…

Light Watch 4-55: Good clients can be your ticket to the moon! As we are just having a full moon here are some pictures from Russian avant garde artist Leonid Tishkov, who create his private art installation called: private moon. He took the art installation across the globe…Good night!

28. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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