All that Jazz…

Perth 8-9th March 2013

Weekend edition…I got caught up last night in a very enjoyable jazz concert at someone’s home. One of the big things in running your own company is that you don’t really have a time off. You take it when you can, weekends and public holidays don’t really work for us. We need to be flexible and adaptable to the circumstances, which by the way is a good mantra for life anyhow! If not, you can never be open to opportunities! That holds for business as well as for your private life. So when I got a last minute invitation to join some friends for a night of impromptu jazz at some one’s home I immediately said yes! Knowing that the musicians were all retired professionals was even more attractive! Some of them having produced CD’s in the past! It was absolutely enjoyable of the highest quality and re-ignited my own desire to play music. I used to play (base) guitar in a R&B band in my student years, but that seems long gone and forgotten. I still have an acoustic guitar so maybe I should pick it up again… 🙂

Having a balance in life is crucial, so developing a life besides your work, regardless how passionate you are, is really important in my view. You need to be able to step away at times, recharge your batteries; have a change of environment, so you can better appreciate life in general and your daily work specifically! Have a great weekend!

Light Watch 4-41: Lighting is very much about light and shadow, bright and dark. The following images give you a bit of an arty feel on all that jazz…

09. March 2013 by Martin Klaasen
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